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Downloads and tools

These free downloads will be helpful to anyone looking to improve their creative collaborations, decision-making, or productivity.

Note: Readers of our books Keep the Drama in Front of the Camera: Conflict Resolution for Film & TV and Conflict Resolution for Musicians (and Other Cool People) have exclusive access to an additional set of conflict resolution worksheets explained step-by-step in the books, along with detailed case study examples and analyses, linked within the paperback and e-book texts.



An excerpt from our book Conflict Resolution for Musicians.



An excerpt from our book Keep the Drama in Front of the Camera!



Our Conflict Assessment Worksheet can help you determine if you need assistance with your conflict or issue.  Depending on the outcome, you may also want to follow up  by downloading our Fifth House Group Conflict Assistance Chart to determine what type of assistance might be most appropriate to your situation.



The FHG Decision Matrix can help with those challenging individual, team or group decisions that may be fraught with emotion and/or have long-term consequences.

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Links & Additional Resources

If you are looking for additional information on conflict resolution, team development, leadership skills and related topics, the following is a selective list of additional resources* you may find useful.

(*Note: These links do not necessarily constitute an endorsement and are provided for information only. We are we are not responsible for external links – use at your own risk.)

The Center for Nonviolent Communication – More resources on how to listen and talk more effectively, with compassion. – Learn more about mediation.

Beyond Intractability: Includes a free, massive open online seminar for dealing with complex, intractable, and global problems ranging from war to climate change.

TED Talks  – check out some of our favourites:

Margaret Heffernan: Dare to disagree

Adam Galinsky: How to speak up for yourself

Jonas Gahr Støre: In defense of dialogue

Julia Galef: Why you think you’re right — even if you’re wrong

Brené Brown: The power of vulnerability

Other resources you may wish to check out include our blog and the Conflict Response Role Inventory (CR2I)™, which is available for a nominal fee. You can download a free sample of the interpretive booklet that accompanies the CR²I™ here.