Whether you’re proactive in maintaining or improving an already well-functioning organization or responding to a crisis, we can help. Our clients have reclaimed lost productivity & creativity, improved employee morale, and saved money through our training and interventions. We have a combined 3o years’ experience in workplace interventions, conflict resolution, and leadership development and have helped a wide array of organizations, from federal government departments to small tech start-ups to NGOs.

Business is risky enough without worrying about the myriad issues that can derail an otherwise successful team, department, or organization. The cost of workplace conflict can be very high in reduced productivity alone, and hidden costs can include absenteeism, withheld (or sabotaged) work, and a host of other issues that can negatively impact typical organizations.

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Learn how you respond to conflict and how to manage yourself – and others – more effectively in conflict situations. Tried and tested for over a decade the Confict Response Role Inventory™ has helped hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals manage their interpersonal relationships with less stress and confusion.