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  • The Conversation movie poster

    The (Difficult) Conversation: What’s your contribution?

    How often have you heard the following complaint: “I’m not the one with the problem, S/HE’S the one with the…

  • Three things that trigger conflict escalation – and how to avoid them

    How often have you found yourself muttering, “Well, that escalated quickly”? Despite the humorous memes it’s seldom funny when you’re on…

    by Fifth House Group
  • Four warning signs of conflict

    Four Signs Your Working Relationship is Going Sideways

    One of the challenges of conflict is that creative teams or workplaces are often fully engulfed long before they’re even…

  • crazy people

    How to Keep Your Head From Exploding

    Have you ever stared in disbelief at someone’s completely incomprehensible actions? Been bewildered by another’s disproportionate reaction to events? Or…

  • Conflict continuum of emotional distress

    Small distinctions can make big differences

    If the number and content of comments generated are any indication, my previous post clearly struck a chord with some…

  • Birds not listening to each other

    You’re not listening (you just think you are)

    One of the most frustrating experiences anyone can suffer is not being heard. That’s because we all need to feel…

  • VU meter

    Your strategies are working… against you

    A strategy is, in its most basic form, an approach to a problem or opportunity. There are corporate strategies, military…