• “I” Statements: use with caution!

    My previous post recommended the use of “I” statements as a tool to prevent conflict escalation. In the interest of brevity,…

    by Fifth House Group
  • Three things that trigger conflict escalation – and how to avoid them

    How often have you found yourself muttering, “Well, that escalated quickly”? Despite the humorous memes it’s seldom funny when you’re on…

    by Fifth House Group
  • Four warning signs of conflict

    Four Signs Your Working Relationship is Going Sideways

    One of the challenges of conflict is that creative teams or workplaces are often fully engulfed long before they’re even…

  • Film crew at work

    4 quick & cost-effective tools to accelerate team development

    In the creative industries, teams frequently need to get from zero to sixty almost instantly. This is typical in the film…

  • crazy people

    How to Keep Your Head From Exploding

    Have you ever stared in disbelief at someone’s completely incomprehensible actions? Been bewildered by another’s disproportionate reaction to events? Or…

  • Accountability equation

    Is accountability your team’s Achilles heel?

    Accountability – or the lack thereof – is the Achilles Heel of many a potentially great team, group or organisation.…

  • Five Reasons to Value Conflict

    It goes without saying that conflict often comes at a terrible price: War is the obvious, extreme case where the…

    by Fifth House Group
  • Cartoon people arguing

    If you want to change someone’s mind, shut up.

    One of the most effective but counter-intuitive techniques I ever learned for negotiation or for building consensus is to just…