• The Conversation movie poster

    The (Difficult) Conversation: What’s your contribution?

    How often have you heard the following complaint: “I’m not the one with the problem, S/HE’S the one with the…

  • Po book cover (detail)

    A Time for… Po?

    “The significant problems of our time cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.” – Albert…

  • “I” Statements: use with caution!

    My previous post recommended the use of “I” statements as a tool to prevent conflict escalation. In the interest of brevity,…

    by Fifth House Group
  • Three things that trigger conflict escalation – and how to avoid them

    How often have you found yourself muttering, “Well, that escalated quickly”? Despite the humorous memes it’s seldom funny when you’re on…

    by Fifth House Group
  • crazy people

    How to Keep Your Head From Exploding

    Have you ever stared in disbelief at someone’s completely incomprehensible actions? Been bewildered by another’s disproportionate reaction to events? Or…

  • Birds not listening to each other

    You’re not listening (you just think you are)

    One of the most frustrating experiences anyone can suffer is not being heard. That’s because we all need to feel…

  • Cartoon people arguing

    If you want to change someone’s mind, shut up.

    One of the most effective but counter-intuitive techniques I ever learned for negotiation or for building consensus is to just…

  • Handshake image

    The one simple skill every creative worker needs – and usually fears

    If you’re in the arts, entertainment & media industries there are many skills you can (and probably should) learn that…