Do you work only with companies, or do you work with individuals too?

We work with anyone who is in the creative arts and entertainment industries, broadly defined. This includes everyone from entire rock bands, a dance troupe, a photographer, a team of script writers, the CEO of a television station, game designers, make-up artists for theatre, advertising copywriters – the list is extensive.

Do you work only with entertainment industry clients?

While our expertise and focus is on the creative industries (including but not limited to film, TV, music, broadcast, advertising, software development, etc.), we do work selectively with individuals, teams and organizations in other sectors (see our partial list of clients here). Contact us for a free, no-risk consultation to discuss your needs.

I’ve heard consultants are expensive. Can my small team or organization afford you?

We’re proud to offer a wide range of products and services to suit virtually any budget, from the free resources available on this site (including our blog articles and downloadable tools) to inexpensive self-help handbooks to full-service large group interventions.

In many situations, the cost of a workshop or custom training session (for example) will be repaid many times over, in terms of the time, energy, and money saved — to say nothing of the hidden costs due to absenteeism, health- and stress-related issues. Often that return on investment is repaid well within the first year.

Can you help us over the phone?

In many cases, depending on the specific issue(s) and circumstances, yes!

Our headquarters are in Canada, with offices in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, but we work in all the major entertainment production centers globally. We will travel to wherever our services are required, and in many situations we can even deliver them over the phone or using your preferred teleconferencing system such as Skype, Google Hangouts, etc.

Who decides what kind of solution we need, and how?

Regardless of the client, our process remains the same: the first step is always a free, no-obligation consultation or Initial Meeting. Subsequent steps in the process include data-gathering and diagnosis, feedback and decision to act, interventions (or training), post-assessment & evaluation, and follow-up. Each of these steps is described in full under Our Process. Ultimately, the client is always considered the expert in their own situation – and therefore, with our support, decides the most appropriate course of action.

Who are some of the big names you’ve worked with?

For reasons of privacy and confidentiality we can’t divulge the names of individuals. We can, however, provide a partial list of organizational clients we have proudly served, found here.

What is the Conflict Response Roles Inventory (CR2I)™?

The CR²I™ is a proprietary self-assessment tool designed to help you better understand yourself, and others, whenever you’re in a conflict with one or more people. It’s a trusted psychometric instrument designed to identify your patterns of response when in conflict. More simply, it’s a questionnaire that, when answered honestly, will give you an accurate picture of why you (and others) react the way you do when you find yourself in a conflict. It has helped thousands of individuals, and hundreds of teams and organizations since 2005. You can learn more about the CR²I™ here, or take the CR²I now.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept bank transfers, e-transfers, major credit cards, money orders, and certified cheques.

What kind of follow-up do you do?

We do check-ins at regular intervals throughout our services, including interventions and training, and we conduct a thorough post-delivery follow-up. If something isn’t working for you, the client, it will be identified very early on and managed to your satisfaction on the spot. Learn more about Our Process here.

Who designs your training programs?

As industry experts, certified (and award-winning) educators, and authors in our fields, we design all our own training programs, many of which can be tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

What does Fifth House Group do?

We help people in the creative arts and entertainment industries when the going gets rough. This means we come in and help if there are relationships that are in trouble, if there is conflict, poor communication, confusion, team performance issues or dysfunction, stress and anxiety – anything that isn’t working well. We are also there to work with you when things are going well, and help make sure they stay that way, or get even better and stronger over time.

How long does your process take?

It depends on the situation specifics. In the case of a relatively simple conflict between two people, considerable progress can be achieved in a just few hours. If there is a toxic team or organizational environment (for example), the entire process beginning with data collection through final follow-up assessment and evaluation could take up to six months. All our services start with at least one introductory meeting, and of course one of the first things addressed at that time is the time frame. Learn more about our process here.

How long do you need to work on-site or in-person?

This depends on the specifics of each situation. Wherever appropriate, our preference is to minimize the amount of time that spend at the client site or working with clients, so that a dependency isn’t developed and so the clients can get on with their mission. It may sound odd, but our aim is to make ourselves redundant by building skills, strength, and client self-sufficiency – so that ideally our clients won’t even need us again.

Have you developed the models you use?

We work with internationally recognized, scientifically supported theories and models in the fields of conflict resolution and team/leadership development. We don’t believe in re-inventing the wheel, but because clients are all different, our process is to adapt the right approach for each specific case.

What sets you apart from other consultants?

In short, our advantage is our specialized experience and expertise in the creative industries. There are many qualified consultants with ample experience in conflict resolution and team building & leadership development, but there are very few who work specifically and exclusively in your field. We know the special challenges, workflows, and pressures of film, television, music, theatre, and a host of other creative arts. And although our team continues to teach at the college and university level, we are not “ivory tower” academics –we also have extensive practical experience in the entertainment field, dealing with the kind of issues you face daily.

Shouldn’t our group leader/manager/Department Head/CEO already be able to do what you do?

In a perfect world, everyone would already have the necessary conflict prevention and resolution skills, and superior teamwork and leadership abilities. But few are born with them, and it can take years of personal and professional development (and experience) to excel at them. We work with anyone in a leadership role when time and workload prevent them from achieving their desired capacity. An important first step is to simply identify any knowledge/skill gaps, and to develop a realistic plan to address them.

What are your fees?

If, like us, you find it frustrating when companies aren’t up front about their rates, you may be pleased that we post ours online. Our fee structure is in line with the industry standards for our full range of professional services.

For team building/leadership development services, or conflict resolution or involving 2 – 4 individuals, our hourly rate is $150.00, and our per diem (i.e., full day rate) is $1,100.00. For larger interventions involving teams or groups, our per diem is $1,500.00; a flat rate can be negotiated. You may be surprised to discover just how much can be achieved in a short span of time.

For educational services, our rates are based on the number of participants and the time required to do client assessment and content design, where required. In general, the total cost of a half day workshop is typically $3,000.00, and a full, one-day workshop is $5,000.00. Provision of our psychometric instrument, the Conflict Response Roles Inventory (CR²I)™, or any of our books is available at additional cost, with substantial discounts available.

These rates may appear expensive (which explains why so many other firms are afraid to post them), but consider the costs of not taking action.  Now imagine the creative freedom and energy unleashed by reducing the stress of your day-to-day interactions! We’re confident that the value that you and your creative collaborators will derive will be long-lasting, and the resulting peace of mind well worth the investment.

Remember, the preliminary consultation is always free, with no risk or obligation.

What type of group facilitation do you offer?

Our trained experts in group facilitation can help group or board retreats, strategic planning sessions, skill-building workshops, training courses, team building, and much more. Call or write to us today to find out how we can help you, your team or organization.

Can you help us with strategic planning and growth?

Yes. Whether you are a very small team, or a larger corporation, we can help clarify your vision and develop a solid strategic plan that builds clarity and consensus. We ensure that key stakeholders factor into your thinking, and that you are making plans that you can execute effectively. Strategic planning services include Mission, Vision, and Values development; strategic decision-making; prioritization; goal-setting; and other key management functions.

What type of coaching do you offer?

We customize the coaching experience to best support your strengths, goals and individual style. We offer conflict management coaching; interpersonal communication skills coaching; leadership coaching; team and group coaching. We recommend that clients make a 60 to 90 day commitment to coaching, with an agreed-upon schedule, in order to fully benefit from the benefits of coaching.

Are your services confidential?

Absolutely, yes. All our services are completely confidential and your privacy is always paramount. We will never discuss our work with you with anyone, unless you have given us express written permission to do so. It’s important to note that we cannot guarantee that anyone involved in the work that we do with you (for example, any team members, employees, or supervisors also involved in the same training or intervention) will not talk to others about it. We do, however, normally request that all persons involved in our work sign confidentiality agreements.