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The Conflict Response Roles Inventory (CR²I)™

For over a decade, the Conflict Response Roles Inventory (CR²I) ™ has been trusted by thousands of creative individuals, and hundreds of teams and organizations around the world to:

  • improve working relationships
  • reduce stressful interactions, and
  • dramatically cut the costs of conflicts that can occur wherever people work together.

Take the CR²I™ now (requires membership), or keep reading to learn more about this valuable self-help technology.

What is the Conflict Response Roles Inventory (CR²I)™?

The CR²I™ is an online self-assessment tool designed to help you better understand your behaviours, and better understand others, whenever you’re in a conflict. It has helped thousands of individuals, and hundreds of teams and organizations since 2005.

The CR²I™ measures how you typically focus on certain values and meet particular needs when in conflict.

These dimensions can vary greatly from person to person, but general patterns emerge in each of five basic conflict response roles: Loner, Decision-Maker, Moderator, Diplomat, or Friend. A Loner’s response to conflict, for example, is very different to that of a Moderator. When they’re in a conflict together, the interaction can be unnecessarily painful or stressful for both. This is true for all five roles. How they interact is one of the factors that can needlessly complicate and intensify conflict.


Using the CR²I™ to examine your attitudes, behaviours, strategies, and needs will enable you to develop a deeper and clearer understanding of what happens internally when you’re in conflict. It will help you understand who you become in those situations, and why. It will help you to better understand the others involved in the conflict, too. This information will help you to make the necessary adjustments so that conflict situations are prevented, or managed more skillfully, and sooner. The CR²I™ allows users to “see eye-to-eye” more easily, even when emotions take hold.

How Does it Work?

The CR²I™ takes about 15-20 minutes to complete. We recommend that you do it in a single sitting, since your answers may be influenced by recent events in your daily life. It’s best to answer with your first “gut” reaction, to avoid overthinking your responses. There are no “right” or “wrong” answers, “better” or “worse” choices — just responses that are more or less true for you as an individual.

The test is comprised of two sections, each with 30 multiple choice questions. The first set (Section A) asks you to select the response that is most representative of you in typical conflict situations. The second set of 30 questions (Section B) asks you to rate, on a 5-point scale, how strongly you agree or disagree with given statements, based on how you normally think and feel when in conflict.

Once both parts are complete, you will be given a set of scores ranking each of the five conflict response roles according to your preference or natural comfort level, as determined by the test. Your ranked scores will be emailed to you along with a booklet describing each of the five conflict response roles in detail, and explaining how they interact so you can use the information to mitigate the unpleasant effects of any current or future conflicts.

Download your free sample booklet here.


Since 2005, the Conflict Response Roles Inventory has helped thousands of individuals, and hundreds of creative teams and organizations. Improving your creative collaborations can reduce stress, save you time, and recover lost productivity.

When you take the CR²I™, your scores will identify your default (or dominant) and backup conflict response roles. You’ll receive a free booklet explaining what occurs internally when you’re in conflict, and what happens between you and other people in their roles. You’ll discover what makes them tick, and how to deal with them more effectively based on what you’ll learn.

If you are an HR manager or conflict resolution practitioner, you can also learn about our group discounts on the CR²I™ for larger departments or organizations, and our facilitated workshops. Contact us for details.